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Peg and Pole Tents For Sale. These Tents are the traditional marquees and create a great atmosphere for weddings tents, party tents, funeral tents and church tents. Peg and pole tent design was is used for many years.

A peg and pole tent/marquee consist of a roof canopy supported by tall central poles (king poles) tension using side poles that are connected to side pegs. The king pole in the tent support the bulk of the weight, while the side poles give the fabric shape.
Originally, the peg and pole tent were manufactured from cotton canvass covers, wooden poles, and hessian rope, but they have been largely replaced with more modern materials.

We uses only the best South African manufactured raw materials available.
Fabric is now available in 850 grams block out white fabrics, 700 grams translucent fabric, 600 grams and 550 grams pvc tent material. Mild steel galvanized poles and nylon industrial grade ropes. The introduction of the modern fabrics extends the shelf life of the peg and pole tent/marquee tent, as they are far more easily maintained. Canvass tents for sale are still available .canvass tents are more breathable, allowing for lower temperatures and humidity inside the marquee tent. Such a marquee tent is more comfortable in hot summer weathers while remaining watertight in the event of rain.

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